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Palatinose™ - essential part of Stefan's nutrition

BENEO's next generation carbohydrate Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is the only low glycaemic carbohydrate that is fully digestible and provides glucose over a longer period of time. It helps to improve fat oxidation during physical activity, it is non-cariogenic, non-hygroscopic and acid-resistant. Its nutritional and technical characteristics make it especially suitable for sports nutrition, such as beverages (RTD or instant), cereals and bars.
  • Prolonged and balanced energy supply in the form of glucose
  • Fully digestible (4kcal/g) and well tolerated
  • Low glycaemic and low insulinaemic response
  • Kind to teeth
  • Promotes fat oxidation
  • Exclusively derived from sugar beet
  • Natural and mild sweetness
  • Very low hygroscopic and thus easy to handle
  • Helps to maintain a stable osmolarity in iso-, hyper- and hypotonic beverages
Further information on Palatinose™ can be found here. In addition, the Window to Science issue "Slow release carbohydrates - The underestimated contribution to a good nutrition" gives detailed information about the nutritional and physiological benefits of BENEO's next generation carbohydrate. If you would like to receive a printed version, please contact us here.

Recipes - How Palatinose™ can be incorporated into food and drinks

Muffin with Palatinose™ (PDF, 109.57 KB)