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February, 2014:BENEO, Horn Partner To Distribute Functional Ingredients

Beneo, Inc., has partnered with Horn, making Horn BENEO's Western U.S. regional distributor, effective Feb. 18.

February, 2014:Beneo, Horn strike distribution deal | Carbohydrates content from ...

Horn will distribute Beneo fibers, carbohydrates and specialty rice ingredients in the western U.S..

December, 2013:Beneo chief talks innovation in global nutrition - Nutra Ingredients

Beneo CEO Matthias Moser, PhD, shares his vision of how a European ingredients giant stays ahead of the innovation curve, built on a bedrock of age-specific nutrient solutions – even if rising obesity and diabetes rates ...

November, 2013:Beneo chief: 'It matters what you eat…' - Nutra Ingredients

With the World Health Organization just last week calling on the food industry to do more to improve global nutrition levels, the new(ish) chief of European ingredients giant Beneo says better nutrition will always be front and ...

October, 2013:Ingredients: Beneo Introduces Palatinose for Nth Degree Low GI ...

Beneo announced that their slow release carbohydrate Palatinose (isomaltulose) is the power behind Nth Degree Low GI, a new low glycemic index performance beverage created for endurance, performance and energy.

May, 2013:BENEO Offers Baby Food Rice Starches - Food Product Design

BENEO introduced new baby food rice starches as part of its rice starch portfolio, which is ideal for use in fruit and vegetable based jars and offers manufacturers functional rice ingredients for jarred baby food applications.

February, 2013:Health Canada OKs BENEO's Portfolio of Dietary Fibers

BENEO announced Health Canada has approved its complete portfolio of inulin and oligofructose dietary fibers following evaluation within the authority's regulatory framework and a newly implemented fiber policy. Chicory ...

February, 2013:Beneo expands distribution with Alsiano - Food Navigator

Beneo has expanded its distribution agreement with Alsiano to include Sweden and additional products in Denmark.

September, 2012:IMCD and Beneo ingredient distribution deal - Nutra Ingredients

IMCD and Beneo have entered into a distribution deal for food and nutrition ingredients in the Benelux area.

August, 2012:BENEO Obtains IFS Certification - Food Product Design

TEINEN, Belgium—BENEO's plants in Wijgmaal, Belgium, and Confienza, Italy, were awarded International Food Standard (IFS) certification, with a score of 98.5%. Both facilities produce the company's functional rice ...
Read more about how Palatinose™ helps athlete train for one of the toughest races on earth - the Race Across America more

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