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Oligofructose - at a glance

- Oligosaccharides which are composed of fructose units linked by a beta-1,2-bond, partly with an end-standing glucose unit. The degree of polymerisation (=number of monosaccharide units) ranges between 2 and 8.
- Produced by partial enzymatic hydrolysis of chicory inulin
- Soluble prebiotic dietary fibre
- Fructan-type non-available carbohydrate
- Generic name: oligofructose (fructo-oligosaccharide, FOS)
- White, highly soluble powder
- Viscosity similar to glucose syrup
- No crystallization
- Humectant properties
- Suitable to partially replace sugar for sugar reduction
- Blends with high intense sweeteners possible without undesired off-taste
- Enhances fruit flavours
- Can generally be processed on all standard production lines without major adaption
- Mild sweet taste
- Up to 65% of sweetening power of sucrose
- No undesired aftertaste
- Dietary fibre
- Prebiotic (one of the best researched prebiotic fibre ingredients worldwide)
- Improves bowel regularity
- No effect on blood glucose levels / non-glycaemic
- Caloric value: 1,5 kcal/g (Food labelling EU: 2 kcal/g)
Applications- Fruit preparations
- Dairy
- Chilled drinks
- Baby food
- Baked goods
- Breakfast cereals and cereal bars
- Frozen desserts
- Bakery fillings
- Dry mixes
Oligofructose variants- Orafti®P95
- Orafti®L95
- Orafti®L90
- Orafti®L85
- Orafti®L80
- Orafti®L60
- Orafti®L58 organic
You can download the above fact sheet as .doc (DOCX, 54.34 KB) or as .pdf (PDF, 39.52 KB).

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