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BENEO Opens Application Center in São Paulo

Latin American Customers will Benefit from the Development of Regional Applications

São Paulo, Brazil – May 2019 – BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, announced today the opening of its Regional Application Center in São Paulo, Brazil. The new Application Center allows BENEO to better support product development in the region and enables the team to provide more localized support, including recipe adaptation, tasting sessions and lab trials for customers.
“We are very excited to open our Regional Application Center in São Paulo, as it brings our functional ingredients even closer to the Latin American market,” said Juliana Hirata, Managing Director BENEO Latin America.
Latin America is a very versatile region in terms of typical local food and drinks. In order to support consumers in following a healthier diet successfully, food and drink products must have excellent taste to appeal to the local market. “It is BENEO’s aim to offer product solutions for a healthier lifestyle that come with both better nutritional and technical characteristics, as well as great taste and texture. With the new Center facilities, we are now able to react more directly to regional and local application requirements,” Hirata adds.
The variety of state-of-the-art equipment in the Center will give BENEO the ability to cover a wide range of applications, like dairy, bakery and savoury products.
BENEO has a long history and strong heritage of bringing out the very best ingredients when it comes to its functional benefits like health, taste and texture. With the new Latin American Application Center BENEO will be working closely with customers and partners in the food and beverage industry to develop innovative products that are in line with consumer needs.

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