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BENEO’s sweet pharmaceutical excipient enables formulations of the future

Combining great taste and excellent functionality, galenIQ™ is setting new standards in minitablet

Mannheim (Germany), November 2019 – CPhI Worldwide, 5–7 November in Frankfurt a.M., is the perfect place to make new business contacts, strengthen existing relationships, discover state-of-the-art ingredients and meet BENEO’s expert team. Taking center stage on stand 102C11 is the company’s high quality, water-soluble filler-binder, galenIQ™. Owing to its sweet taste and excellent technical properties, it is the excipient of choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers of solid dosage forms who are looking to make the most of the growing minitablets trend.
Although tablets are still the most widely used drug delivery system, many end users, including young children, the elderly and patients with dysphagia, have difficulty swallowing conventional tablets. Multiparticulate forms such as minitablets (1–4 mm diameter) offer a convenient solution. They are easy to swallow, can be designed to disintegrate rapidly in the buccal cavity or can be sprinkled onto soft food. However, successfully manufacturing minitablets requires the use of a filler-binder with certain characteristics.
BENEO’s galenIQ™ offers excellent flowability, great compressibility and ensures content uniformity. These functionalities enable high tablet hardness at a low compression force, which is key for the production of minitablets using sensitive multiple-tip punches.
“Given the special needs of very young and very old patients and the increasing demand for innovative dosage forms, BENEO’s galenIQ™ is the filler-binder of choice for minitablets. Manufactured from sucrose, it has a sweet taste and enhances the palatability of orodispersible minitablets, ensuring patient compliance,” said Dr Maj-Britt Cepok, Head of Business Development Pharma at BENEO.
Also on display during the event, the company will showcase multiple-tip punches of 2 and 3 mm diameter from the tableting tool manufacturer Ritter Pharma-Technik GmbH. In addition, Mr Ard Lura, a PhD student from the Institute of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics at University Düsseldorf, will present results from scientific studies that show the feasibility of using galenIQ™ in minitablets formulated with commercially available APIs.
Designed to meet the exacting specifications of the pharmaceutical industry, the multifunctional galenIQ™ is available with a range of varying particle sizes, morphologies and levels of solubility. This makes it a highly flexible excipient that can be used to formulate tablets, chewables, lozenges, effervescents and powder blends.

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