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BENEO launches trio of products at HiE

Hi Europe 2010, 16th – 18th Nov, Madrid, Hall 9, Stand: M6

November 2010 - BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients, launched a trio of new products at this year’s Hi Europe exhibition (HiE) in Madrid. The launches on BENEO’s stand M6, include its innovative natural solutions for sugar replacement, BeneoPro VWG vital wheat gluten and Orafti®L58 Organic organic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS). In addition, BENEO’s latest series of Solution Platforms were presented on stand to customers, highlighting the technical, nutritional and health advantages of incorporating functional ingredients from BENEO’s entire product portfolio into new products.
Agglomerated natural solutions for sugar replacement
BENEO announced the launch of its innovative natural solutions for sugar replacement which provide a new synergistic effect by offering well-balanced combinations of agglomerated grades of BENEO’s naturally derived bulk sweeteners: ISOMALT, Palatinose™, inulin and oligofructose as well as Stevia, completing BENEO’s naturally derived sweetener portfolio. The new solutions can be individually composed and offer benefits to final products , whether they are technical, sensorial or nutritional. Agglomerates’ characteristics such as good dispersibility, quick dissolution, low hygroscopicity and uniformity, as well as improved structure for food processing, allow BENEO to meet the growing demand for easy to use ingredients. The natural solutions for sugar replacement, available in tablet or powder form, demonstrate BENEO’s expertise in agglomeration, as well as in healthy sweetening solutions. 
BeneoPro VWG
BENEO has also launched BeneoPro VWG, a new source of vital wheat gluten that offers excellent technological qualities, as well as providing a perfect solution for a number of food applications. BeneoPro VWG technological qualities include:
·         Improved dough strength, viscoelasticity and water absorption in bread and
·         Increased crispiness and shelf life of batters
·         Improved flake strength in cereals and reduced risk of breakages
·         Higher resistance to overcooking in pasta
·         Protein binder in sausages and other meat emulsified products
Orafti®L58 Organic
Also featuring on BENEO’s stand is its liquid organic fructo-oligosaccharide: Orafti®L58 Organic, which has gained NOP (National Organic Program) certification for marketing in the US and is in the final stages of the organic certification process for the EU market. Produced from organic sugar, Orafti®L58 Organic offers customers outstanding technological and nutritional properties and can not only be used as a prebiotic fibre to promote good digestive health, but can also be used to replace sugar in various dairy, bakery and cereal applications.
BENEO’s Solution Platforms
Visitors to the stand have also been able to gain further insight into BENEO’s comprehensive range of product solutions via its BENEO Solution Platforms. These Solution Platforms have been developed to provide customers with in-depth expertise and knowledge to support the development of innovative, balanced food products within the dairy, beverage, confectionery, baby food and bakery sectors. In addition, the BENEO Solution Platforms also offer easy access to advice and information on legislation and the formulation of products.
Members of the BENEO-Institute will be speaking in the conference program during the show, talking about the latest research on healthy gut flora and showing how to benefit from energising ingredients. The topics include:
  • Exploring the opportunities of natural (or healthy) gut flora (Tuesday 16th November, 9.30am)
  • Exploiting naturally energising ingredients in response to consumer demand (Wednesday 17th November, 9.30am)
BENEO’s newly launched concepts, products and Solution Platforms are exhibited on stand M6. Also available will be a copy of the HiE issue of BENEO’s scientific periodical ‘Window to Science’, which features recent information on healthy gut flora and dietary fibre.

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