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BENEO’s Cees Boon Enters the Candy Hall of Fame

December 2010 - BENEO is delighted to announce that the career and achievements of veteran BENEO team member Cornelis “Cees” Boon, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, for BENEO Inc., were recognized recently with his induction into the National Confectionery Sales Association’s Candy Hall of Fame.
According to Mr. Boon, “It is gratifying indeed to be considered worthy of this honor. I accept it as an affirmation of the contributions which I and my colleagues at BENEO which was formerly known as BENEO-Palatinit of America have made to the confectionery industry through our innovative ingredients and dedicated customer service efforts as well as the applications, formulations and processing expertise with which we have sought to support our valued clients in the field.”
Yves Servotte, Member of the BENEO Executive Board, would like to acknowledge Mr. Boon’s achievements: “As an international company headquartered in Europe, we are extremely pleased to see that our efforts in the US market -- to be the ultimate partner to our clients in the world of sugar-free confectionery -- are being rewarded. We attribute this to the intense dedication which Cees has always shown to his customers, his archetypically Dutch ‘efficient salesmanship,’ his professionalism and positive thinking, and his great sense of humor as well.”
The induction took place on October 23, 2010, during the 111th Annual Meeting of the National Confectionery Sales Association (NCSA), where eleven other candy business professionals joined Cees Boon in being so honored. Inductees were feted at a gala, black-tie banquet and highlighted by audio/visual biographies of their personal and professional lives. Approximately three hundred industry dignitaries, family members, friends and supporters attended the induction banquet this year, including many international guests.
Annually, up to a dozen Candy Hall of Fame inductees are selected from numerous nominations of candy brokers, sales personnel, manufacturers, retail buyers, wholesalers, industry suppliers, retail confectioners and others allied to the industry. Past inductees include industry legends from the US, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and England.

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Further information on the NCSA and the Candy Hall of Fame can be found here.

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