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BENEO-Institute promotes prebiotic think tank in Indonesia

July 2010 - As part of the BENEO-Institute’s commitment to encouraging the promotion of research and knowledge-sharing within the field of functional ingredients, Dr Sandra Macfarlane has been asked to give her insights on the subject at the 2nd International Symposium on Pro- and Prebiotic, taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia on 4th and 5th August.
Dr Sandra Macfarlane, who is part of the Microbiology and Gut Biology Group, in the Division of Medical Sciences at Dundee University, is a scientific expert on prebiotics within the global network of the BENEO-Institute. At the symposium, she will be giving insights into the scientific status of the range of health benefits prebiotics have and will be discussing the characteristics of a healthy colonic microbiota and its modulation with prebiotics. Although a range of studies have shown that the modulation of intestinal microbiota by prebiotics can have beneficial results, Dr Macfarlane will be taking this opportunity to discuss the fact that the characteristics and health promoting effects of individual species in the microbiota still need further definition. She will also be talking about the beneficial and less desirable effects associated with the gut microbiota and the factors that need to be assessed and categorised to evaluate the ability of prebiotics to maintain a healthy microbiome.
Another contribution of the BENEO-Institute during this important international symposium will be made by Wim Caers, Manager of Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at BENEO. Mr. Caers will be addressing the food legislative aspects of prebiotics, including the definition of dietary fibres. He will be reviewing the original definition of dietary fibre and how, in the light of recently published material, a new refined definition should be used for an internationally harmonised approach.
Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication at BENEO comments: “We are happy, that the BENEO-Institute can contribute significantly to the success of the International Symposium of Pre- and Probiotics. In particular, we are delighted that Dr Macfarlane has been able to spend her valuable time to share her latest views on the subject of prebiotics at the symposium in Jakarta. Being one of the leading scientific experts in the field of prebiotics, we are confident that she will contribute essentially to the discussion of the latest in substantiated knowledge.”

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