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BENEO provides expertise for Leatherhead’s Sugar Confectionery Production

October 2010 - BENEO is pleased to announce that Dilyara Vakhabova, Head of Customer Technical Service at BENEO, will give a presentation at this year‘s Sugar Confectionery Production. The conference takes place from 2-4 November 2010 and is organised by Leatherhead Food Research, taking place in Leatherhead, Surrey.
During the presentation, Dilyara will explain why sugar-reduced and sugar-free confectionery is of such high relevance today and how BENEO’s ingredients can contribute to innovative new solutions for gum, candy and chocolate products.
The growing incidence of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases within society today, combined with consumers’ growing consciousness for healthy nutrition including a lower consumption of sugar without sacrificing taste and texture, has resulted in a need to learn more about sugar-free and sugar-reduced confectionery ingredients. Dilyara will give insight into consumer attitudes and nutritional trends within the confectionery industry, as well as the development of sugar-free markets. The presentation will also highlight current innovative product concepts following the growing interest in “healthy indulgence”, such as flavour changing and encapsulation in sugar-free gum, functional benefits in hard candy, as well as sugar replacement in chocolate.
The BENEO presentation comes at a time when research suggests that the need for greater knowledge into the sugar-free confectionery market is worldwide. Sugar-free gum and sugar-reduced chocolate are still showing strong growth among worldwide markets according to Euromonitor. The same source suggests that sugar-free hard candy has the biggest potential for growth in Latin America & Eastern Europe, whilst gummies, jellies and chewy candy show the greatest potential in China, the USA and the UK. 
BENEO Ingredients in Confectionery Production
BENEO’s ingredients ISOMALT, inulin and oligofructose can help respond to the relevant trends in today‘s market. They are all naturally derived from sugar beet and chicory root respectively. BENEO’S ISOMALT is the number one sugar replacer in sugar-free hard candy worldwide. Available in different variants, it serves for the best solutions especially in sugar-free and sugar-reduced candy and gum. BENEO’s prebiotic fibre Orafti® oligofructose offers a more balanced sweetness profile to ‘low sugar’ or ‘no added sugar’ confectionery when combined with high intensity sweeteners. 
For candy producers, ISOMALT has numerous nutritional and technical benefits. Though derived from sugar beet, it is toothfriendly, non-cariogenic, and has only half the calorie (2.4 kcal/g) as well as being low glycaemic. ISOMALT’s sugar-like and mild sweetness enhances fine and subtle flavours within candies without a cooling effect. Sugar-free candies with ISOMALT will not only provide longer lasting flavour but also more vibrant colouring without stickiness, enhancing the quality of the product. Orafti® inulin also offers the opportunity for candies to have a prebiotic effect with no added sugar.
If using Orafti® oligofructose, gummies can also be fibre-enriched, as well as low calorie and sugar reduced, with a balanced sweetness profile. Orafti® oligofructose as well as oligofructose-enriched inulin (Synergy1) promote digestive health and calcium absorption, allowing extra health benefits for gummies. ISOMALT provides technical and nutritional benefits for chewing gum applications; as well creating sugar-free and toothfriendly products, ISOMALT can provide a stronger, crunchier coating and improved texture and taste when used in the core.
In chocolate, Orafti® inulin and Synergy1 can not only be used as bulk to replace sugar but also gives added health benefits including improved intestinal flora, prebiotic effect and calcium absorption. ISOMALT gives manufacturers the opportunity to produce sugar-reduced or no added sugar chocolate that has reduced calories and a low glycaemic index.

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