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BENEO’s Functional Ingredients are a ‘Natural’ for SupplySide West

Morris Plains/NJ, October 2010 - Visitors to Booth 21011 at this year’s SupplySide West Show, taking place in Las Vegas from October 19th-23rd, will be invited to learn about the many natural formulating solutions available from the functional ingredient manufacturer BENEO. These solutions are especially relevant to products formulated for weight management and energy management – both currently hot topics in the industry worldwide.
The fact is that BENEO’s natural ingredients offer substantial technical and nutritional benefits to weight management products, beginning with BENEO’s chicory-derived prebiotic fibers Orafti® inulin and oligofructose. Inulin can stabilize water into a creamy structure with the same mouthfeel as fat. This enables product developers to replace part of a product’s fat content with Orafti® inulin to reduce its caloric value. Without compromising the taste, this results in a smooth, creamy texture.  Orafti® oligofructose is a natural sugar replacer. It has a moderately sweet taste -- 30% of the sweetness potential of sucrose -- without any lingering aftertaste. It works well when combined with high intensity sweeteners to give a more balanced sweetness profile to ‘low sugar’ or ‘no added sugar’ products.
Then there is BENEO’s ISOMALT:  the only sugar replacer derived from sugar beet. It has a sweetness profile similar to sucrose but only half the calories and is especially useful for sugar-reduced and sugar-free confectionery. Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is also derived from sugar beet. It is the only low glycemic, fully digestible carbohydrate which provides the body with prolonged and balanced energy in the form of glucose. Moreover, it is the first non-cariogenic sugar. Being low glycemic and thus low insulinemic, it promotes fat burning during physical activity. 
In addition, BENEO’s rice starches offer clean label solutions to provide a creamy mouthfeel in reduced-fat formulations such as dairy products. Rice starches can positively influence the texture and mouthfeel of reduced-fat products so that consumers don’t need to compromise on taste and texture in eating a healthy daily diet. 
In all these ways, BENEO’s ingredients directly support the efforts embodied in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign, which recently helped to secure a commitment from leading US food producers to significantly reduce their products' caloric contents for the good of consumers.
Meanwhile, the concept of energy management describes a new and healthier way of looking at diets as they relate to mental and physical performance as well as personal feelings of vitality and well-being. The proliferation of energy boosters on the market is a logical reaction to increasingly stressful lifestyles and the fatigue which often results. Yet there is rising concern about the use of ingredients such as caffeine, taurine and guarana, as well as sugar, in such products. A formula made with a proven safe and effective ingredient such as Palatinose™ represents a sensible new way of looking at energy use in the body, a shift towards longer-lasting and balanced energy release, and a way of working more in harmony with the body’s natural processes. 
SupplySide West attendees will also discover how the BENEO-Institute brings together the full scope of knowledge and capabilities comprised in BENEO’s Nutrition Science, Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication departments, united across the full array of BENEO ingredients. The goal is to assist manufacturers in developing, producing and marketing products related to weight management and energy management, as well as other key areas of health and nutrition. Offering direct access to the latest scientific findings and international expertise regarding approvals, labeling, regulatory issues etc., the BENEO-Institute supports clients in the development of innovative products with accurate and impactful claims that are firmly substantiated by nutritional science. 
According to Joe O’Neill, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BENEO Inc. in North America, “SupplySide West presents us with an ideal forum to showcase to our existing and potential customers BENEO’s natural solutions to the formulation of products marketed for healthy weight management, energy management and more.” 

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