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BENEO introduces BENEO-Technology Center at Fi Europe

Fi Europe and Ni 2011, 29th Nov – 1st Dec, Paris, Hall 4 Stand:12

November 2011 - At this year’s Fi Europe (FiE) in Paris, BENEO – one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients – announces the creation of its BENEO-Technology Center. 
It brings together BENEO’s long-standing food application and technical expertise to enhance and encourage product innovation within the bakery and cereal, baby foods, beverages, confectionery and dairy sectors. By combining the experience of specialists within BENEO’s different application fields, customers have access to a wide knowledge base for BENEO’s ingredients in their main applications.   
The BENEO-Technology Center will provide customers with specialist advice concerning technical food application questions. It will develop recipes and formulations for products, with optimised nutrition, that meet consumer’s expectations in terms of texture, appearance and taste. In addition, experts from the BENEO-Technology Center have the necessary processing experience to offer on-site consultation for technical problems. 
Besides it main laboratories in Tienen/Belgium and Offstein/Germany, the BENEO-Technology Center has the support of teams located at BENEO Inc., USA and BENEO Asia Pacific, Singapore to offer regional market knowledge. Furthermore BENEO can access Südzucker’s expertise via its CRDS (Central department for Research and Development Services).  The BENEO-Technology Center also co-operates with partners from across the food industry, including machinery suppliers, flavour houses, experts in emulsifiers and stabilisers to bring even wider application knowledge to its customers.
Representing BENEO’s technical expertise, the BENEO-Technology Center complements the nutritional and regulatory know-how of the BENEO-Institute as well as the company’s experience in market and consumer insights. This unique selection of expertise ensures that customers are supported in the product development process, from lab to shelf.  
Rudy Wouters, Vice-President BENEO-Technology Center: “Tomorrow’s innovation needs to safeguard taste and texture and, at the same time, offer a healthier option to the market. Knowledge about formulation, recipes, technology, and processing are crucial for successful product development. With the creation of the BENEO-Technology Center we can support our customers further in their existing products and new concept creations.”  
Within the conference program Rudy Wouters will be speaking on “Importing texture and creaminess in fat reduced food products” on Tuesday, 29th November 1pm.

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