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Time to understand carbohydrates

BENEO gives insights to qualitative characteristics of carbohydrates during Fi Asia in Bangkok, 21st-23rd September

Mannheim/Germany, August 2011 – During this year’s Fi Asia in Bangkok Koen van Praet, Managing Director at BENEO Asia Pacific, will be giving an overview on physiological and metabolic characteristics of different carbohydrates. Within his presentation “Carbohydrate quality – What does that mean?” he will be talking about different groups of carbohydrates, their availability to the human body and their corresponding nutritional and health benefits. The presentation takes place on 22nd September, 4-4.30pm.
While in the past the quantity of carbohydrate intake was decisive for scientists and nutritionists, nowadays it is increasingly important to look more into detail and focus on quality aspects since the physiological characteristics of single carbohydrates are very different. The carbohydrates presented cover the complete range of availability to the human body: From highly available ones which are quickly digested and absorbed and thus cause a quick rise in blood glucose and insulin levels (e.g. sucrose, dextrose, etc) over a new generation of slow but fully digested carbohydrates (e.g. isomaltulose) to the low and non-digestible carbohydrates such as polyols (isomalt, sorbitol, maltitol, etc.) and dietary fibers (e.g. inulin, oligofructose, etc). 
According to their availability they provide different benefits. Isomaltulose is the only disaccharide giving full carbohydrate energy in a sustained and balanced way, while being low glycaemic and non-cariogenic at the same time. Also polyols are toothfriendly and low glycaemic. They are used to replace sugar and thus improve nutritional profiles in final products. Dietary fibers are supporting regularity and some (inulin, oligofructose) have the potential to influence the gut flora (prebiotic effect).
The diversity of carbohydrates enables manufacturers to meet different consumer needs. However, since the different characteristics affect the nutritional profile of the final product knowledge and expertise are decisive when it comes to product development, formulation, and marketing. During the show BENEO’s experts are available at booth D19 to discuss and inform about the nutritional and technical benefits of the company’s functional ingredients.

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