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BENEO Announces Price Increase for Sugar Replacer ISOMALT

June 2011 - BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, announces today the increase in price of its ISOMALT. The list price will be increased by 20% globally.
Jens Böhm, Commercial Managing Director, BENEO-Palatinit, explains further: “Despite continuously rising inflation rates and industry price indexes over the past years, we have kept stable prices until this year. However, to maintain the high quality standards expected by today’s global food industry, as well as to secure the flexible supply chain BENEO provides, a price increase is inevitable to cover costs and remain profitable.”
BENEO ensures the reliable and safe production of ISOMALT for partners and customers alike, as proven by internationally certified quality audits of the company’s production process. Furthermore, investments are continuously being made to ensure that BENEO’s ISOMALT production site maintains its high efficiency. In addition, BENEO’s services support customers with all that they need from a product’s initial development, right through to its market launch.
Jens Böhm continues: “We see from trend and market monitoring that for clear-cut values of nutritionally optimised food products, consumers and markets are prepared to accept increased price levels. ISOMALT’s proven benefits, such as being kind to teeth, low in calories and low glycaemic, plus its additional technological advantages give our customers the competitive edge to differentiate their products and brands from the rest.”

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You can download the press release as .doc (DOC, 71.5 KB) or .pdf (PDF, 110.24 KB)

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