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BENEO survey results reveal consumers are willing to spend more on chocolate that is toothfriendly

September 2011 - Research conducted by BENEO confirms that consumers are hankering after a healthier alternative to sugar-coated chocolate sweets and are willing to pay a 10% higher price for toothfriendly variations if they came to market. The ingredient manufacturer BENEO, has today revealed the results of its latest consumer survey, which looked into the acceptance of and interest in toothfriendly coated chocolate sweets by measuring price sensitivity.
With its expertise in developing new confectionery concepts and the non-cariogenic properties of its functional ingredient, Palatinose™ (isomaltulose), BENEO is confident that this positive reaction from consumers will lead to toothfriendly sugar-coated chocolates being brought to market: “The popularity of sweets like M&Ms and Smarties show that the market is strong for these varieties of candy, and the results of our survey prove that consumers are ready for new and healthy alternatives. The best thing is, with Palatinose™, toothfriendly chocolate cores and coloured coatings are feasible without any undesired side effects,” explains Dr. Christian Niederauer, Market Research Manager, BENEO.
BENEO conducted its survey in Germany, the second largest market in the world in respect to new ideas within the category of sugar-coated chocolate sweets1. Surveying women aged 14 and over2, BENEO found that participants liked the idea of toothfriendly chocolate lenses with an average score of 1.74 being given by people who regularly eat such sweets (the scale was measured from 1=liked very much to 6=dislike it very much). They also indicated their willingness to buy such a product if it became available in shops; almost 90% of people who regularly eat sugar-coated chocolates, more than 95% of gatekeepers – parents or guardians - and more than one third of non-users are willing to try the new idea. Measured indirectly ensuring a higher validity, it was also shown that participants would accept a 10% higher price3 for a toothfriendly alternative.
BENEO’s Palatinose™ is the only fully digestible dissacharide that is toothfriendly. Its non-cariogenic properties were recently positively evaluated by EFSA. Naturally derived from sugar beet, Palatinose™ releases full carbohydrate energy over a longer period of time with little effect on blood glucose levels (GI 32). Being fully digestible the functional sugar enables toothfriendly chocolate and coatings without experiencing any side-effects.

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