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Discovering Palatinose™ as innovative energy source in food and drinks

BENEO will be giving insights into its next generation carbohydrate Palatinose™ within Food Ingredient Asia (FIA) in Jakarta, Indonesia

September 2012 - Felicia Tiaras, Country Manager BENEO Asia, will be giving insights into the characteristics and physiological benefits of the next generation carbohydrate Palatinose™ (generic name: isomaltulose) during this year’s Food Ingredient Asia (FIA) taking place from 3rd – 5th  October 2012, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her presentation “Discovering Palatinose™ as innovative energy source in food and drinks” will be highlighting how food and drink manufacturers can benefit from Palatinose™’s unique characteristics in terms of energy management within their product development. It takes place within the seminar session at 12.30pm on 3rd October in meeting room C (trade mart).
In addition to the ever growing interest in healthy food and drinks, consumers are feeling a constant need for energy due to longer working hours, multiple jobs and less leisure time. They are thus looking for functional foods and drinks that help to provide energy in a healthy way. “Especially in Indonesia we experience a growing interest towards energy management and mental performance. Therefore, this year’s Food Ingredient Asia in Jakarta is a perfect platform to present Palatinose™. We are delighted to have the opportunity to talk about our next generation carbohydrate and its beneficial physiological effect,” states Koen van Praet, Managing Director, BENEO Asia Pacific.
Palatinose™, naturally derived from sugar beet, provides the full carbohydrate energy in the form of glucose over a longer period of time. Glucose is the energy source for physical and mental performance. Being low-glycaemic it releases energy in a balanced way without sudden peaks and drops of the blood glucose level.

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