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Snack your day the healthy way with BENEO at
HiE 2012

HiE 2012 Frankfurt (13th-15th November), Hall 3, Booth C6

November 2012 - “Smart ingredients for healthy snacks” is BENEO’s focus for Hi Europe (HiE) in Frankfurt this year.  With 4 out of 10 consumers¹ now choosing healthy snacks, the market for ‘guilt-free’ snacking looks set to rise. BENEO is capitalising on this by demonstrating to visitors the possibilities now available for healthy snacking throughout the day. 
BENEO will be showing how the company’s fibre, sweetener and texturiser ingredients can improve the nutritional and technical characteristics of both food and beverages, creating healthier snacking options.  Amongst the samples available on stand are fibre enriched savoury snacks, gluten-free cereals and fat-reduced sausages, as well as an ”energising” fruit juice and allergen-free rice drink.  Experts are on hand throughout HiE to discuss the benefits of BENEO’s naturally derived, functional ingredients in new and reformulated healthy snacking solutions. 
Thanks to the properties of BENEO’s ingredients, the creation of healthy snacks for all age groups is possible, with no compromise to the end product’s taste or texture.  To show the versatility of BENEO’s range of functional ingredients for snacking products, the samples on stand will reflect snacking occasions throughout the day.  
These include:
  • A strawberry flavoured, fermented rice drink, with BENEO’s rice blend Nutriz, ideal as a breakfast beverage.  This low fat drink is allergen, lactose and cholesterol-free, has a mild sweetness, is easily digestible and has an essential amino acid profile.  Another morning beverage on stand is a fruit juice with BENEO’s next generation carbohydrate, Palatinose™. Being low glycaemic, Palatinose™ provides the full carbohydrate energy in the form of glucose in a balanced way.  Its low glycaemic characteristics have been positively evaluated by EFSA.
  • A healthy snack for lunch is presented with BENEO’s fat-reduced sausages, which include BENEO’s prebiotic fibre inulin.  As inulin imitates the mouthfeel of fat particles, the taste and texture of the sausages is the same as full-fat versions, but without the calories. In addition, a fibre enriched claim can be made with the sausages if desired.  
  • For a healthy late afternoon or evening snack, savoury cracker snacks are also represented on stand. They include BENEO’s dietary fibre inulin and rice flour for a wholegrain and high in fibre treat. Together with the low fat spreadable cheese with rice starch a creamy and crunchy snack is offered.

With a unique chain of expertise, BENEO’s customers are supported in the product development process, from lab to shelf.  From the BENEO-Institute, which offers nutritional and regulatory expertise, and the BENEO-Technology Center with its expansive application knowledge, to market and consumer insights BENEO actively supports industry partners with nutritionally enhanced and regulatory consulting in the development and marketing of food and beverages.   
Rudy Wouters, Vice President BENEO-Technology Center comments: “Consumers don’t want to sacrifice on taste and mouthfeel when eating nutritionally balanced and healthy snacks. This is a challenge manufacturers must master to ensure future success.  With more than a third of UK consumers regarding healthy snacks as being worth paying more for, we are working hard to make sure that our ingredients support viable snacking alternatives for this growing sector of business.”
Also speaking within the conference programme at HiE are:
  • Dr. Antje Jungclaus, Nutrition Communication Manager - “Making SMART carbohydrate choices for sports and active lifestyles”. 14th November, Module 7b, 1.40pm.
  • Rudy Wouters, Vice President BENEO-Technology Center - “Clean label technical innovations and future developments”. 14th Nov, Module 8b, 3.20pm
¹Source: Datamonitor 2011

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