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BENEO presents new candy concepts from its ‘Sweets Collection’ think tank at ISM 2013

27th to 30th January 2013, Cologne, Hall 10.2, Stand F62

November 2012 - BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers in functional ingredients, is presenting a range of innovative sugar-free and sugar reduced candy ideas from its ‘Sweets Collection’ creative think tank at ISM this year. These include two recently developed concepts: ‘Dessert Candy’ and ‘Candy in Candy’.
Candy concepts inspire innovation
BENEO’s ‘Sweets Collection’ think tank is the basis for new innovative candy ideas that include both visual concepts as well as the development of technical samples and recipes. Working closely with confectionery machinery experts, BENEO will be bringing a range of new sugar-free candy ideas to ISM that use the company’s sugar replacer ISOMALT and show the technical feasibility of some of its inspiring candy concepts.
Two of the concepts that will be available to taste on stand will be BENEO’s ‘Dessert Candy’ and ‘Candy in Candy’. According to Mintel 2012, adults are looking for functionality and flavours when buying candies. By creating a multi-layered candy in three different colours and flavours, the ‘Dessert Candy’ concept is perfectly placed to meet this growing trend by offering adults a real confectionery treat. In addition, BENEO’s ‘Candy in Candy’ concept embeds a colourful, raspberry and melon flavoured candy inside a transparent cube. According to Datamonitor consumers are looking for new experiences that create sensory sensations, ‘Candy in Candy’ makes this consumer desire a reality with eye-catching shapes, brilliant colours and new flavour combinations. Both concepts are toothfriendly and sugar-free.
‘SteviaBalance’ with BENEO
A candy that will also be on stand at ISM will be the fibre-filled candy ‘SteviaBalance’; recently launched by German confectionery manufacturer Bodeta. This fibre-enriched candy without added sugar was originally a BENEO marketing concept from the Sweets Collection think tank. It was then realised by Bodeta, in close cooperation with BENEO. Throughout the process, BENEO’s unique chain of expertise, including the BENEO-Institute, the BENEO-Technology Center as well as the company’s marketing experts supported the candy’s development. The product includes a liquid core that incorporates BENEO’s dietary fibre oligofructose and the main body of the candy contains ISOMALT, oligofructose and Stevia. Considering the insufficient levels of fibre intake consumers worldwide are facing, sweets with oligofructose are a creative way of helping to close this gap, whilst offering a sweet treat that doesn’t compromise on taste or mouthfeel.
BENEO’s long standing expertise in oligofructose and ISOMALT offers manufacturers an alternative to sucrose whilst providing multiple benefits to consumers. BENEO’s oligofructose is one of the best researched prebiotics worldwide whereas ISOMALT is the only sugar replacer which is derived from sugar beet and thus has a similar sweetening profile to sugar; making it the number one sugar replacer in sugar-free hard candies. In addition, its toothfriendly and low-glycaemic characteristics have been positively evaluated by EFSA.
Jens Böhm, Marketing Manager at BENEO comments: "We regard ourselves not just as a supplier of functional ingredients, but as a company that promotes innovations to the global food market. In this respect we explore the boundaries of what is technically feasible and provide ideas for new products, based on consumers’ needs. We will have experts on stand throughout ISM to discuss the new products and the possibilities that working with BENEO provides."

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