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Start the day right with BENEO at drinktec 2013

16th to 20th September 2013, Munich, Booth: B1 #325

July 2013 - BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional nutrients, will be featuring its new product concepts for breakfast beverages at drinktec. Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to taste the company’s product ideas on the ‘New Beverage Concepts’ innovation platform. Thanks to the nutritional and technical benefits of BENEO’s naturally derived ingredients starting the day right never tasted so good.
At drinktec 2013 BENEO will be showcasing a range of breakfast and morning beverages that encourage taking a healthier approach to the start of the day, even when life is busy.  Beverage samples on stand will include a ready-to-drink coffee and a fruit juice that both deliver balanced energy release, due to BENEO’s functional carbohydrate PalatinoseTM. Visitors to BENEO’s stand will also have the opportunity to taste a lactose- and cholesterol-free fermented strawberry rice drink and a vanilla flavoured rice milk, both containing BENEO’s dairy alternative Nutriz. Additionally, a fibre-enriched breakfast drink will be presented that combines the prebiotic fibre Orafti® oligofructose with PalatinoseTM.  
Growing popularity of convenient breakfast solutions
According to Julian Mellentin[1], traditional cereal breakfast options are no longer seen as convenient enough for consumers.  Busy consumers are now increasingly seeking a ‘liquid breakfast on the go’, such as a cereal and milk combination that contributes to a balanced nutrition in a simple and tasty way.  Recent BENEO consumer research re-enforces Julian Mellentin’s viewpoint. It shows the popularity of fibre-enriched yoghurt drinks amongst European consumers because of their convenience and the healthy image they portray. 
With its versatile product portfolio, BENEO is well positioned to make the most of this ‘convenience’ trend.  BENEO’s functional ingredients can easily be incorporated into food and drink breakfast solutions, providing optimal nutritional value whilst maintaining taste and texture.  
‘BENEO, the smart start to the day’
‘Slow release’ carbohydrate energy and low glycaemic solutions are gaining momentum, especially in the area of breakfast drinks[2].  Nutritive carbohydrates, such as BENEO’s PalatinoseTM offer manufacturers a smart solution to develop low glycaemic beverages that provide full carbohydrate energy in a balanced way, for a healthier start to the day.  The low glycaemic benefits of PalatinoseTM have also been positively evaluated by EFSA. 
In addition, with increasing consumer interest in allergen-free foods and beverages, vegetal dairy alternatives, such as BENEO’s rice concentrate product range of Nutriz, are growing in popularity. Combining the goodness of rice in one ready-to-use compound, Nutriz has a neutral taste and white colour. It gives the end product a creamy texture and balanced taste.  BENEO’s Nutriz is suitable for non-dairy milk or yoghurt-type beverages, for those who would like to enjoy a non-allergen, cholesterol-free, and vegetal drink or smoothie for breakfast. 
As the general public becomes more aware of the beneficial effects of higher fibre intake, solutions bridging the “fibre gap” are bringing new opportunities to beverage manufacturers.  BENEO’s soluble prebiotic fibres inulin and oligofructose are easily incorporated into beverages, promoting a healthy gut flora, while maintaining taste and texture.  
Jens Böhm, Marketing Manager at BENEO comments: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  With fewer people making the time to sit and eat in the morning, it presents an opportunity for the beverage industry to create ‘liquid breakfast solutions’ that are convenient, yet deliver key nutritional benefits.  We are taking the opportunity at drinktec to show the versatility of BENEO’s nutrient portfolio to help manufacturers meet consumers’ growing needs for slow energy release, dairy-alternative and fibre-enriched beverages.”
[1] New Nutrition Business, March 2013
[2] Mintel presentation at Vitafoods: Energy For A Fast-Paced World - Beyond Energy Drinks, 2013

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