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BENEO’s portfolio of dietary fibers accepted by Health Canada

February 2013 - BENEO’s complete portfolio of inulin and oligofructose dietary fibers is now accepted by Health Canada, following evaluation within the authority’s regulatory framework and a newly implemented fiber policy. Chicory fibers inulin and oligofructose will be included in Health Canada’s initial "list of accepted dietary fibers."
Health Canada is a government authority responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health. Key to the acceptance of BENEO’s chicory based dietary fibers is the traditional manufacturing process which meets Health Canada’s description for inulin and oligofructose products as dietary fibers. As demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, BENEO’s inulin-type fructans inulin and oligofructose are not digested by intestinal enzymes, but are transported to the large intestine for fermentation. Here, natural microbiota ferment the inulin-type fructans and create a more acidic environment being regarded as positive. The fermentation process also selectively increases the growth of bifidobacteria. Scientists created and use the term "prebiotic" to express this phenomena.
"Health Canada’s full acceptance of our entire inulin-type fructans line as dietary fiber confirms the traditional way in how we gain our dietary fibers and underlines their high quality," stated Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at BENEO. "We are proud of being a part of the dietary fiber list in Canada from day one. This identification will allow Canadian consumers to find our inulin-type fructans under the fiber category on nutrient content panels — and gain the nutritional benefits."
All BENEO chicory-root-derived prebiotic fibers—including powder and liquid forms of oligofructose, longer-chain inulin, and oligofructose-enriched inulin —can now be marketed as dietary fibers in Canada. BENEO’s standard inulin types (Orafti®ST and Orafti®GR) earned dietary fiber status in 2006.
"The fiber intake recommendation in Canada is 38g/d for males and 25g/d for females. However, actual intake is only 16.5g/d and 14.5g/d respectively. BENEO’s dietary fibers are a viable solution to increase fiber intake and close the "fiber gap"," Anke Sentko concluded.

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