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BENEO Presents Smart Energy Management

A new perspective of weight management IFT 2013, Booth #4353

July 2013 - BENEO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of functional food ingredients, is taking weight management to the next level, an approach focused on Smart Energy Management. The company’s specialty carbohydrates and prebiotic fibers are from natural sources and address weight management from this new perspective. The key to a sustainable and healthy weight is to keep the balance between calorie intake and energy output. BENEO’s ingredient profile can easily assist in this goal by offering prebiotic fibers that help in eating less and their specialty carbohydrate PalatinoseTM that supports fat burning. 
"Considering the frightening increase of obesity and diabetes prevalent in the U.S., it is time the food industry adapts new formulation approaches and makes smart carbohydrate ingredient choices to produce foods that address these epidemics," stated Joseph O’Neill, President and General Manager, BENEO Inc.
BENEO’s prebiotic fibers Orafti®Synergy1 (oligofructose-enriched inulin) and Orafti® oligofructose, both chicory inulin type fructans, help in eating less and play an important role in body weight management, as recent scientific studies have confirmed. Overall, eating less means controlling calorie and energy intake respectively. As such, both Orafti®Synergy1 and Orafti® oligofructose exemplify the close relationship of smart energy and healthy weight management.
BENEO’s PalatinoseTM(isomaltulose) optimizes the use of energy. Various studies have proven that the company’s functional carbohydrate aids the body to burn fat more effectively as an energy source when under physical activity. As a result, it helps save carbohydrate storage, which leads to prolonged energy. This is an appealing benefit, especially for amateur and professional sports people.
O’Neill continued, "One important and underestimated way to achieve Smart Energy Management is to positively influence the blood glucose release – with glucose being the essential energy source for our body."
Considering that a high glycemic diet increases the risk for diabetes and obesity, low glycemic food concepts show an approach to positively influence the individual energy and weight management respectively. According to Sloan Trends, already one third of the American general population is interested in buying or using foods or beverages that help balance blood sugar levels. In addition, recent data from a 2010 American Diabetes Association report cites that more than 8.3% (25.8 million) of the US population suffers from diabetes and it is expected that one in three adults will have diabetes in 2050, another target group focused on low glycemic values.
BENEO offers a variety of low glycemic carbohydrates, including PalatinoseTM, ISOMALT and prebiotic fibers that help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Visitors to BENEO’s booth #4353 will be treated to a sampling of products that help sustain Smart Energy Management; including a fiber protein drink made with Orafti® Synergy1, fiber-enriched gluten-free cookie with rice flour, low glycemic sugar-free cookie made with ISOMALT, and a low glycemic endurance beverage made with PalatinoseTM. Experts will also be on hand to answer any technical and nutritional questions.

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