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Beneo Selects HORN as Western U.S. Regional Distributor

HORN’s Newest Principal Supplier Offers Complementary Solutions to Existing Best-in-Class Product Line

February 2014 - BENEO Inc. and HORN today announced a new partnership. Effective Feb. 18, HORN, one of North America’s premier distributors of specialty ingredients, was selected as BENEO’s Western U.S. regional distributor. BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional nutrients for healthy nutrition, offers complementary solutions for HORN’s full line of best-in-class ingredients.
"HORN’s reputation of servicing the industry with seasoned and technically-expert professionals was a key factor in the careful selection of our Western U.S. regional distributor," said Joe O’Neill, president and general manager, Beneo USA. "We’ve developed a mutual enthusiasm for our new partnership, and together, we strive to better serve the food and nutrition industry through our strategic collaboration and dedication."
BENEO Product Lineup
HORN serves the food and nutrition industry with an emphasis on the health and wellness sector. As a global leader in ingredient development, production and research, BENEO offers specialized nutrients from natural sources aimed to meet current market demands and expectations.
Now available through HORN in the Western U.S.:
Functional Fibers: Including Orafti® inulin and fructooligosaccharide (FOS) products sourced from chicory root.
Functional Carbohydrates: Including Palatinose™ and ISOMALT.
Specialty Rice Ingredients: Including rice starches, flours and proteins.
"Representing a world-class company like BENEO upholds HORN’s heritage of partnering with industry-leading ingredients manufacturers," said Jim Berg, vice president, HORN FoodTech. "HORN is proud to announce our partnership with BENEO as we continually enhance our product lineup of high-quality, efficacious ingredients to benefit our customer base."

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