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Trials show BENEO’s Palatinose™ extends shelf-life and quality of glazed and iced bakery products

June 2014 - The technical experts at BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients, have conducted technical trials to improve the shelf-life and quality of glazed and iced, freshly and frozen packed donuts.  The results show that with the partial replacement of sucrose with BENEO’s functional carbohydrate Palatinose™ in glazings or icings, shelf-life and overall product quality can be significantly improved.
Findings showed that a partial replacement of sucrose with Palatinose™ in freshly packed donuts leads to an extended shelf life stability through the unique carbohydrate’s ability to control water activity and moisture migration. Furthermore, the glaze with Palatinose™ maintains transparency, even throughout the extended shelf life.  Thanks to the low hygroscopicity of Palatinose™, the glaze does not become sticky. In addition, the Palatinose™ glazed, freshly packed donuts exhibit a more pleasant sweetness in comparison to using sucrose alone.
The trials also demonstrated that partial replacement of sucrose with Palatinose™ in frozen packed donuts ensures a maintained glaze transparency throughout the freezing process and after defrosting.  It prevents the glaze from sticking to the foil during frosting and, of even greater importance, after defrosting. Furthermore, Palatinose™ provides a slightly reduced and more pleasant sweetness in frozen packed donuts, as with pure sucrose glazing.
Katja Reichenbach, BENEO Product Manager Palatinose™ comments: “Sugar-based donut glazings traditionally have a lower aw value (water activity) than the donut.  This leads to increased water migration from the donut to its glaze, resulting in the donut drying out very quickly.  However, BENEO trialled the partial replacement of sucrose with Palatinose™ in glazings and icings and the results showed that water activity was brought under control in the glaze, keeping the donuts moist for longer.  As well as extending shelf life in freshly packed donuts, partial sucrose replacement by Palatinose™ has also been trialled in frozen packed donuts. The test results show that its use substantially improves the quality of the donut upon defrosting.”
The BENEO webinar on these trials is available to access via the following link until November 2014:

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