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BENEO-Institute: “Science-based functional ingredients can contribute to improved public health via prevention-orientated nutrition”

June 2014 - Addressing participants at the annual Nutrition Society of Malaysia Conference in a BENEO-Institute sponsored symposium during the two-day event, Ms Sentko spoke about how common health challenges, such as overweight and obesity, impaired insulin sensitivity and diabetes as well as osteoporosis can all be addressed via prevention-orientated nutrition:
Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication, BENEO: “BENEO’s way of contributing to public health nutrition is by offering functional carbohydrates and fibres to food manufacturers that support healthy nutrition and healthy ageing from early on. At BENEO-Institute, we conduct extensive research on the physiological characteristics of functional ingredients. Our findings show that BENEO’s functional ingredients have the potential to be a key part of the solution to many of today’s public health concerns. They can make our daily diet more healthy in a pleasant, tasteful way.”
Ms Sentko highlighted examples of functional ingredients, such as prebiotic fibres from the chicory plant (inulin, oligofructose) and the slow release carbohydrate Palatinose™, and their proven metabolic benefits with thepotential in delaying and/or avoiding the onset of common non-communicable diseases.
“Doing small things wrong in nutrition over a long period of time may result in disease development. This is typical for diet related challenges. A good choice of foods from early on make our life more healthy. Fruits and vegetables contribute to a healthy choice, functional ingredients can make food better for you as well.” Ms Sentko explained to the audience.

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