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BENEO: The right choice of functional ingredients contributes to a balanced blood sugar level

January 2015 -The 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition (26 – 29 January 2015) is now on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nutrition experts congregated at the event to share on the latest in food and nutrition research. Several international speakers spoke about how certain food can impact blood sugar management, focusing on the short and long-term health benefits of specific carbohydrate and dietary fibre choices.
Presenting under the lunch symposium “Blood Sugar Management” sponsored by the BENEO-Institute Professor Jeyakumar Henry from Singapore Institute for Clinical Science, Singapore and Nicole Kellow from Monash University & Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia discussed how low glycaemic carbohydrates and dietary fibres help to manage blood sugar levels but also contribute to satiety and fat oxidation. 
Nicole Kellow, Monash University & Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia:
“Inulin-type fructans such as inulin, oligofructose and fructo-oligosaccharide are plant fibres with an established prebiotic effect. A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials involving prebiotic supplementation in human subjects revealed that dietary inulin-type fructans significantly increased self-reported feelings of reduced post-prandial glucose concentrations and reduced insulin concentrations in trial participants. These findings support the use of inulin-type fructans as a potential glucose management strategy for individuals with diabetes.”  
Within the main programme Professor Glenn Gibson from University of Reading, United Kingdom, presented recent scientific data supporting the beneficial effects of the prebiotic fibre inulin and oligofructose on digestive health, weight management and bone health. 
Professor David Benton from Swansea University, Wales, United Kingdom, shared recent research findings that the slow, prolonged and low glycaemic benefits of Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) positively influence children’s cognition and mood:
“Recent studies showed that lowering the glycaemic load of breakfasts by using Palatinose™ triggered a better mood and cognitive function in children as compared to using glucose. This exemplifies the impact of the glycaemic properties of a meal, rather than the energy provided, or the nature of the macro-nutrients.”  
BENEO is committed to the highest quality science related to prebiotic fibres from chicory (inulin, oligofructose), and functional carbohydrates (Palatinose™, Isomalt), which make the difference to food composition and open new doors to healthy eating. Consequently, diets including the right ingredients contribute to a healthy metabolism.
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