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A Decade of Sweet Taste and Highly Versatile Functionality

galenIQ™, the filler-binder excipient with exceptional taste properties from BENEO celebrates its 10th anniversary at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain (13–15 October)

October 2015 - At CPhI Worldwide this year, BENEO celebrates the 10th anniversary of its water-soluble filler-binder excipient, galenIQ™. In addition, the company also uses the event as a platform to introduce the new visual for galenIQ™ — a box of "sweets" that highlights its unique contribution to give pharmaceutical dosage forms a pleasant taste.
Derived from beet sugar and promoting a well-balanced gustatory profile in pharmaceutical formulations, galenIQ™ is the optimal choice for the formulation of solid and liquid oral applications, especially those that usually display a bitter and unpleasant flavor. The filler-binder has a mildly sweet, sugar-like taste and an appealing mouthfeel. Masking the unpleasant taste of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), it is particularly useful in plant extract and paediatric formulations.
Due to BENEO’s continuous investment in developing galenIQ™’s performance, the past decade has been marked by several impressive milestones.
The number of available grades has been constantly increased to meet the specific requirements of different pharmaceutical applications. Following the original launch of agglomerated product grades 720 and 721 for direct compression, the portfolio has rapidly expanded and now includes eight different grades, all of which have a shelf-life of 36 and 60 months respectively.
The galenIQ™ range now offers specific free-flowing and highly compressible grades for direct compression. Additional sophisticated tailor-made grades are available for wet granulation and specialized processing technologies such as hot melt extrusion, roller compaction, fluid bed agglomeration and film and sugar coating, and as a sugar-free starter core for multiple unit systems. The grades for direct compression have excellent flow properties and high compressibility. Furthermore, their specific morphology promotes high content uniformity. Therefore, it is ideal for both very high and low dose applications. Its versatility makes galenIQ™ a perfect choice for numerous dosage forms, including sachets, capsules, lozenges and syrups as well as slow dissolving, chewable, effervescent and fast dissolving tablets.
From a regulatory perspective, isomalt (galenIQ™) is monographed in leading pharmacopoeias (USP-NF, Ph. Eur., BP) and is approved in both Japan (JPE) and China (with an Import Drug License). BENEO has put a strong focus on geographical expansion and, as a result, galenIQ™, is now accessible worldwide; starting in Europe and countries in the NAFTA region, it was quickly made available in South America and Asia-Pacific, including Australia, South Korea and Japan.
Michael Black Ph.D., Head of Sales Pharma, commented: "It’s a great time to look back at ten years of success and positive development. galenIQ™ is globally recognized and appreciated for its unique characteristics and, in particular, for contributing to the palatability of many pharmaceutical products which is especially important in paediatrics and veterinary medicines. There are promising opportunities ahead, though, and we are constantly investigating the sensorial advantages that can be achieved with this highly versatile excipient."
Visitors to booth #7D60 at CPhI Worldwide are invited to get in touch with BENEO’s team of experts to discover more about the filler-binder and to join our birthday party on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm: enjoy a piece of cake, a glass of champagne and say happy birthday to galenIQ™.

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