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BENEO Boosts Performance and Inner Wellbeing, Naturally

Natural Formulation Options for Next Generation Energy Management and Digestive Health to be Featured in Booth #709

June 2015 – At this year’s IFT Food Expo BENEO, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients, will be showcasing opportunities for energy management with the next generation sugar Palatinose™ as well as digestive health options aided by the chicory root fibers Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose, all of which are naturally derived and non-GMO. From July 11-14 in booth #709 BENEO’s technical and nutritional experts will be available to discuss new product opportunities. Visitors will also be able to sample tasty and healthy products that include BENEO’s functional ingredients.  
“A recent consumer survey commissioned by BENEO showed that 65 percent of the respondents in the U.S. consider natural products as “better.“ In addition, 47 percent said they are actively seeking products that are “natural.” This underlines the need to provide food and beverage alternatives derived from natural ingredients.  We strongly believe that BENEO’s non-GMO array of naturally-derived ingredients makes the difference as they deliver the added healthy benefits consumers are demanding,” said Dominic Speleers, Member of the Executive Board at BENEO. 
Due to constantly growing busy and hectic lifestyles, consumers are seeking nutrition that helps them to keep going through the day. In contrast to commonly known and consumed ingredients like caffeine or guarana that only provide “energy” by manipulating our central nervous system, the unique next generation sugar Palatinose gives the essential energy that keeps all body and brain cells naturally running:  glucose.  In addition, Palatinose promotes enhanced fat oxidation during physical activity and saves carbohydrate reserves that help maintain energy levels during the day.
Digestive health is also high on the list of U.S. consumer priorities with 61 percent concerned about maintaining digestive health and 43 percent actively looking for products that contain natural ingredients that support that goal.  BENEO’s prebiotic chicory root fibers belong to the most researched prebiotics worldwide. Orafti Inulin and Oligofructose selectively stimulate the growth of bifidus bacteria – the good bacteria – within the human digestive system. The growth of good bacteria in the intestinal tract inhibits the development of a number of harmful strains, ensuring better digestive health, leading to an overall wellbeing. Research has also shown that Orafti Oligofructose increases satiety and thus can be used in products designed to manage appetite. 
Additionally, consumers are regarding gluten-free solutions as a way to enhance general well-being and even as improvement for digestive health. During IFT 2015 BENEO will also be showcasing technical samples with its specialty rice ingredients which are gluten-free, non-GMO, natural and clean label.
“By focusing on ways to deliver natural ingredients that provide well-being, BENEO is supporting manufacturers to successfully meet the ever-growing consumer demands for healthier food.  Our uniqueness comes from the fact that the benefits of our ingredients are supported by independent and published scientific research.  These benefits can be leveraged to support viable clean label marketing concepts, while also offering great taste and texture,” Dominic Speleers continued. 

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