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BENEO takes sugar replacement to the next level at FIC 2017

FIC 2017, Shanghai (24th – 26th March 2017), Hall 5, Booth #51T11

March 2017 - At this year’s FIC exhibition, BENEO is focusing on the physiological effects of sugar replacement and the importance of looking ‘beyond the label’. In keeping with this theme, BENEO is showcasing a variety of samples that take sugar replacement to the next level, using ingredients that have a sugar-like indulgent taste and texture that consumers expect, but also contribute to balanced blood sugar levels and more.
Beyond the label
More than every second Chinese consumer is actively avoiding sugars and nearly half of them is doing so to maintain weight (48 percent) or to prevent diabetes (46%)¹. Unsurprisingly, solutions with less sugar are a major focus for many food and drink producers at present. However, the current discussion about sugar reduction often ignores the fact that blood sugar management plays a key role in weight management. Whilst high glycaemic ingredients, such as maltodextrin, help to reduce the sugar because they are oligo- or polysaccharides (and not mono- or disaccharides), they nevertheless have a significant negative impact on a person’s metabolism. Over time, the human blood glucose regulation system can become imbalanced, leading to pre-diabetes and diabetes, accompanied by overweight conditions.
At FIC 2017, BENEO will demonstrate how its naturally sourced chicory fibres and functional carbohydrates can replace commonly known sugars and maltodextrin, while also lowering blood glucose responses (a benefit that has been confirmed by the European Commission with a respective EU health claim) and providing a natural taste with a mild sweetness that consumers are looking for.
Sugar-like taste and texture
Replacing sugar brings with it a range of technical challenges, as sugar (sucrose) is regarded as the “gold standard” in formulations due to its body, texture and taste. However, sensorial evaluations have shown that the use of BENEO’s chicory root fibres and functional carbohydrates also result in maximised taste. Additionally, technical trials have demonstrated to food and drink producers how the company’s range of ingredients can replace sugar in recipes, whilst maintaining great texture and improving the physiological quality of the product.
Visitors to BENEO’s booth will be able to sample products that benefit from a lower blood glucose effect using less or no sucrose and, as a result, contribute sustainably to weight management.
  • Sugar reduced chocolate-chip cookie: BENEO’s natural chicory fibre inulin reduces the sugar content in these cookies by 30% and thus contribute to an improved nutritional profile with less sugar and a more balanced blood glucose level. The cookies have the same crunch, appearance and taste as their full-sugar equivalent, while increasing the fibre content of the food.
  • Muffin with 30% sugar replacement: This induces a lower blood glucose response than its full-sugar counterparts due to the partial replacement (30%) of high glycaemic sucrose by BENEO’s next generation sugar Palatinose™ (isomaltulose). Palatinose™ also leads to the muffin having a nice brown crust colour and a pleasant sweetness. Additionally, BENEO’s rice starch contributes to a pleasant texture and improved softness during shelf-life.

Christian Philippsen, Managing Director BENEO Asia Pacific: “Sugar replacement needs to go hand in hand with lower blood sugar levels. Only then it will provide the benefit consumers and health professionals are hoping for. Weight management and blood sugar management are related to each other. Replacing sugars with high glycaemic ingredients doesn’t help consumers in their efforts, as high glycaemic diets can lead to the onset of type II diabetes and obesity. BENEO is taking the discussion to the next level at FIC 2017, by offering ingredients from natural sources that replace sugar and lower the blood glucose response at the same time, to support a healthy lifestyle.”
For further information on BENEO and its ingredients, or to meet some of the company’s nutritional, technical and market experts, visit BENEO at FIC Hall 5, Booth 51T11.
¹ Ipsos 2016

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